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About NMN

Whether you’re a musician looking for an outlet for your brilliant songs, or you’re a music lover looking for something new and a good vibe, NMN could just be what you need.

We put on monthly gigs, usually on the first Friday of the month, with four acts playing sets of 20-25 minutes. They can be anything from soulful acoustic ballads to balls-out, no holds barred metal and the sound is always amazing, thanks to the engineering excellence of Tom from Dragonfly. Between acts our resident DJ ‘Salford 6’ keeps the energy flowing. Admission is £3 on the door (depending on the venue) to cover our costs. Nobody gets paid and that’s why it works.
where do you do it?
Our current venue is Reigate Priory Football Club, which is a brilliant, intimate room with a warm welcome and a very well priced bar. We charge £3 on the door to help cover the hire cost.
how can i get to play?

We’re here for acts at all stages of their development. We do recommend that you’re reasonably confident in your ability but we’re not looking for Mark Knopfler. We’ve had lots of bands and soloists make their debut at NMN and we’ve seen them go on to be great. The first thing to do is get in touch with some details about you and a link to your recordings if you have any. Then be patient. We will always get back to you eventually.

do you take covers bands?

Afraid not. There are plenty of venues around for covers bands, hardly any for originals. That’s why we exist. You can throw the odd cover into your set, of course, but our purpose is to give new music a platform.

why don’t you pay?

Because then we’d have to charge more at the door and then fewer people would come and you’d have a smaller audience. And we probably would have folded years ago. We’re here for musicians who want to get their music heard and we keep money out of it as much as possible. That includes ourselves. We all do this voluntarily.

what happens to the money then?

If we’re lucky, the £3 we charge on the door covers the cost of the venue and hire of our lock-up, where we keep our stuff. If we ever find ourselves looking flush, we invest in better equipment and do things like sponsoring a student through the Reigate College Summer Music Camp. In short, anything we make is reinvested for the benefit of local musicians.

Apply to play at New Music Nights
Tell us about yourselves, what you’re called, what you play, where you’re from, how old you are (not that it matters), where you are in your musical journey etc etc etc.

“We really appreciate all you do in organising New Music Fest and New Music Nights – and giving young bands an opportunity to play.  It has made a big difference to them – so thank you.”

Peter Smith (Reigate)